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    In honor of Miley's bday, I thought I'd leak some HM rarities... The Best of Both Worlds (Lead Vocal Studio Acapella) The Best of Both Worlds (Instrumental with BGVs) Nobody's Perfect (Lead Vocal Studio Acapella) Nobody's Perfect (Instrumental with BGVs) Life's What You Make It (Lead Vocal Studio Acapella) Life's What You Make It (Instrumental with BGVs) Update, Here's some more! Let's Get Crazy (Studio Acapella) Let's Get Crazy (Instrumental with BGVs) - V.1 (has chorus vox) Let's Get Crazy (Instrumental with BGVs) - V.2 (filtered out chorus vox) Rock Star (Studio Acapella) - partially filtered Rock Star (Instrumental with BGVs) - partially filtered Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Lead Vocals Studio Acapella) Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Instrumental with BGVs) Enjoy
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    2018 was full of surprises. We had some surprisingly great albums like Rita Ora's Phoenix, Jessica Sutta's Sutta Pop, and Lady Gaga's The Fame v. 0.001; as we transition into 2019, what are some predictions you have? Do you think Hip Hop/Rap will still dominate the charts? Will we get more full length album leaks? What kinds of surprising albums do you think will be announced/released? Will Ariana Grande receive a second #1 single on the Hot 100? All these questions and more for 2019! Sound off-
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    Lady Gaga The Fame 10th Anniversary Edition
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    Not at Madonna releasing Rebel Heart 2.0, Gaga releasing Artpop 2.0 (separate from Act: II), and Sky Ferreira releasing anything 2.0 I'm here for Charli gaining some well-deserved success and another Neon Scam.
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    If I could add, I would pick Sanctify or All For You by Years & Years. The whole album is amazing tho😊 also, Stan Miley😍
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    The taste jumped out! #StreamAccelerate #StreamLiberation I loved the list! A lot of my fave songs of the year appeared on it. A few of my other fave tracks of 2018 are 'Dancing' by Kylie Minogue, 'Fall In Line' by Xtina and Demi, 'the light is coming' by Ariana and Nicki, 'Lonely Weekend' by Kacey Musgraves, 'Heaven' by Julia Michaels and 'Little Things' by Allie X
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    Shooketh by the list. YAS @ Cher making it as high as she did, and for Legendtina making it to number one!
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    Lady Gaga Government Hooker
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    Could we please do something about the annoying influx of spam accounts who come here only to post in the trading thread / leaks thread? I know there's a 100 post limit thing but it doesn't necessarily restrict anything and just causes people to spam every part of the forum. I also know sometimes it can be fun to watch & entertaining but not on a daily basis
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    Well, I got disappointed at ARTPOP most than any other of her eras, I just wouldn't like her having a second EDM take (maybe I would, eventually). I think the personal cut of Joanne was just fine, but I miss the masterpieces of Born This Way. We better not expect something until 2019
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    Best Song: I'll Do It Worst Song: My Parade Overall: 8/10 Next Album: Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
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    Can't wait for Mi Liberación!
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    @Skinny Legend So glad Kim Petras made it on the list. She was one of my potential #1's
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    Yessssss. We have some amazing members with some amazing taste in music. Don't We? Yesssssss. He has done an amazing job putting this post together. Skinny Legend is the Bomb. I was kind of worried about Making Demi's - Sober my #1 pick. Not because I do not believe it deserved to be. But for the reason that I had read quite a few negative comments here and at other places about this song. But I had to go with my gut and my Heart on this one. A big thank you to all of you for not making any negative comments over my pick.
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    I agree with all of these tbh. Not a single song that doesn’t deserve to be on this list!! (Also that Rina track came as a pleasant surprise, glad she’s getting paid some due for her amazing 80’s-tinged bops!)
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    Thank you @Skinny Legend for putting this all together! What a wide range of styles!
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    Christina Aguilera number 1 ? WTF ? She is only number 1 on PHF lol What a joke.
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    Glad my Honey reached top 3 Although the #1 is... a choice
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    Rae Morris - Someone Out There OUT: February 2nd Tracklist: 1. Push Me to My Limit 2. Reborn 3. Atletico 4. Do It 5. Wait for the Rain 6. Lower the Tone 7. Physical Form 8. Dip My Toe 9. Someone Out There 10. Rose Garden 11. Dancing with Character The album is amazing tbh Tho the cover is low key awful
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    As far as I live BTW, I think at this point even if she came out with such a great album now, I wouldn't like it that much. She has lost a lot in my eyes during the last eras. She has proven to be fake at and I just can't enjoy her music as much as I did during the BTW era. Wish her well tho.
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    Does anyone know where I can get insiders info exclusively?
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    100 post thing has been changed/removed and ever since it has, everything has gone downhill.
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    That was....a choice. To say the least.

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