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    It's somewhere in this thread, I didn't really keep the download of it honestly. Try using search for this thread/topic only
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    I uploaded those 3 to the main post. thanks!
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    Message me if you have what im looking for, i have one that the title is known, and another that isn’t..
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    What tracks are we talking...
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    ღ • PIXIE LOTT • ღ Turn It Up - Turn It Up Louder (First Album) Turn It Up (Louder).zip Young Foolish Happy (Second Album) Young Foolish Happy.zip Pixie Lott (Third Album) Pixie Lott.zip Platinum Pixie: Hits (Best-of) Platinum Pixie.zip Acoustic iTunes Live from London (EP) Cry Me Out (Remix Bundle) Broken Arrow (Remixes EP) All About Tonight (Remixes EP) Nasty (iTunes EP) Lay Me Down (EP) Won't Forget You (Remixes) Enjoy ღ If something is missing, tell or share.
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    tell us what tracks sis !
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    I have jojo for whoever has instant impact or synthetic.
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    How can she go from collab with the queens of k-pop to collab with the other Azalea #STANLOONA
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    I'd say i'm not gonna listen to her anymore but tbh i never cared about her at all
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    I'm still pissed her pop album never got released or leaked.
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    I'm excited for this!!! I used to not like DISGASTING, but I Stan!! If you could Stan Kim Petras being a fan of DISGASTING shouldn't be too hard.

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