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    I have been following the two of you fight for a while now, and it has been quite entertaining to say the least. But to be honest, I would hate to see what would happen if the two of you ever ended up in the same room in real life. I am afraid that one of you would not make it out of that room. We need a no fighting section on the forum, as it seems we cannot take the two of you anywhere without a fight breaking out. I honestly have no issue with either of you personally, or with anyone on this forum for that matter. As I have said before this is one of best music forums I have probably ever been involved in. But enough is enough. @Countess. Is there not a blocking feature on here? If there is, maybe the two of you should block each other from commenting or down voting each others posts. I am sure neither of you probably care about my opinion, but I am just trying to give a little friendly advise. Remember that old saying......."Love Trumps Hate".......LOL. I could not resist. A little 'levity' (for those that do not know, that means humor) goes a long way.
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    Bebe Rexha I Don't Wanna Grow Up: Pray AYF pt. 1: Bad Bitch, Small Doses AYF pt. 2: I Got Time Britney Spears ITZ: Breathe On Me Femme Fatale: Inside Out, He About To Lose Me Britney Jean: Alien, Til It's Gone, Now That I Found You Glory: Do You Wanna Come Over, Change Your Mind Porcelain Black (I'm dreaming with this one) Mannequin Factory: Mama Forgive Me, Mannequin Factory, Pretty Little Psycho Honestly, I don't follow anyone else that closely.
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    Bebe Rexha AYF pt1: Bad Bitch/ Atmosphere/ Small Doses/ Getaway Drug AYF pt.2 : (Not) The One Beyonce: B’Day: Suga Mama/ Upgrade U/ Freakum Dress/ Back Up I Am...Sash a Fierce: Poison/ Radio/ Hello 4: 1+1/ I Care/ Dance For You Beyonce: Blow/ No Angel/ Jealous Lemonade: 6 Inch Katy Perry Teenage Dream: Peacock/Circle The Drain/ Who Am I Living For? /Dressin’ Up Prism: Legendary Lovers/ International Smile/ Walking On Air Witness: Witness/ Roulette Rihanna MOTS: Let Me/ There's a Thug in My Life Good Girl Gone Bad: Good Girl Gone Bad/ Push Up On Me/Cry Rated R : G4L Loud: Raining Man Talk That Talk: Drunk On Love Unapologetic: Nobody's Business/Phresh Out the Runway AnTi: Deseperado/Sex With Me/ Consideration Selena Gomez Stars Dance: Save The Day/Birthday/ Undercover/Write Your Name/B.E.A.T./Stars Dance Revival: Sober/ Me & The Rhythm/ Me & My Girls/ Outta My Hands (Loco)/ Survivors & The Scene: Kiss & Tell: Crush A Year Without Rain: Sick Of You/ Rock God WTSGD: That’s More Like It/ Bang Bang Bang / Whiplash/ We Own The Night
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    Their asses would sit there in silence on their phones and continue to argue on the forum There is an ignore feature! Just click on your name up at the top of the page, and you should see "Ignored Users" in the list. You're welcome sister (also @Reflecting since you said you thought the feature would be good)
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    Please be a blocking feature though, I've got a small list to block already
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    Hilary Duff Metamorphosis: Where Did I Go Right Hilary Duff: The Getaway, Who's That Girl, Weird Most Wanted: Break My Heart Dignity: Gypsy Woman, Dignity, Happy Best of: Holiday (Remix) BIBO: Confetti, BIBO Aly & AJ Into the Rush: Something More, Out of the Blue, Slow Down Insomniatic: Bullseye, Blush Lindsay Lohan Speak: Disconnected, Very Last Moment in Time ALMP: Black Hole Demi Lovato Don't Forget: The Middle, Trainwreck HWGA: Catch Me, Got Dynamite Unbroken: Who's That Boy, Fix a Heart Kelly Clarkson Thankful: Just Missed the Train Breakaway: Gone, Addicted My December: Sober (yes, it was a single, but it should be been treated so much better) AIEW: If I Can't Have You Stronger: Let Me Down PXP: Nostalgic
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    I completely follow with Madonna's "Sky Fits Heaven" as single off Ray of Light , "Gone" as a single for Music and "Forbidden Love" for Confessions... For Britney, Glory should've spawned "Man on the Moon", "Love Me Down", but also "Liar" as singles. In Gaga's ARTPOP, "Venus", "Gypsy" and "Mary Jane Holland" definitely should have been singles as well, and I think that from Joanne, "Diamond Heart" and "Angel Down" would've been amazing choices. I'd like to add my flops: Kerli - Love Is Dead: «Love Is Dead» «Bulletproof» «Walking On Air» «I Want Nothing» «Butterfly Cry» Kerli - Utopia (if released as an album): «The Lucky Ones» «Kaleidoscope» «Speed Limit» «Here and Now» Rita Ora - Ora: «R.I.P. (solo version)» «Roc the Life» «Shine Ya Light» «Radioactive» «Love and War (feat. J Cole)»

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