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    Added everyone, we'll be starting within the next day or so.
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    WARNING: All of the ones I post on here are probably all gonna be in the style of Electra Heart. Mmm-kay? Natalia Kills - Trouble (In the style of 'Electra Heart'): Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby (In the style of 'Electra Heart'): Troye Sivan - TRXYE (In the style of 'Electra Heart'):
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    This is so flawless. You really hid the low quality of the pic super well! Amazing work!
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    This honestly should be the official tho. What do you think @PERFECTIONIST?
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    YASSS SLAYYY I FREAKING LOVE THIS Would you mind sending me the PNG you made of teddy as well as the text on the top?
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    My concept, it's kinda weird and shitty so let's call this a demo
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    Introduction: The official Districts & Teams: Current Events Day 2: Fallen Tributes (Past Night & Day): Night 2 Past Events:
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    I'll be uploading some of the instrumental demos for my upcoming EP to my soundcloud profile, let me know which ones y'all like the best Artwork by @Shine (^:
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    this show was good. i loved it
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    fl studio 12 with the reFX nexus vst for synths thank u!!
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    New track: The Neon Echo - Forgiveness (Instrumental)
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    I know, after a few days I realized I really didn't like how it looked so I made this one which I think does the job. Color-Corrected Version Version without text
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    @Tweener added you at the request of @Hooker @Third Eye added you at the request of @Jump Rope
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    You're really good tbh! I wish I could play piano better but I always get through a few weeks and then get bored and give up.
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    How many games has he worked on now? I remember he had one for PSP as well. Bitch needs to put down the controller and give us Shock Value III.
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    This is such a fucking cool concept! I might try my hand at some BTD style ones, or even something for one of my flops that looks like this:

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